Class Options

CrossFit combines Weightlifting, Gymnastics and Cardio.  Because safety is first, we all spend time teaching and coaching the basic movements.  The secret to CrossFit is in the intensity.  If you push yourself, you will see change.

$150/ month for unlimited access to our instructor led classes.  No contract

$130/ month for First Responders


Personal Training

By appointment only

One on one session with one of our coaches.  These sessions can be individualized programming, or skills improvement.

$75/ hour

$40/ half hour

$500/ 10 one hour classes

This USAW sanctioned barbell club focuses on classic Weightlifting meaning the Clean and Jerk, and Snatch.  We also perform movements that help you progress with the Olympic lifts.

$120/ month if no CrossFit

$55/ month if you pay for CrossFit


This class focuses on all of the fundamental movements that are incorporated in CrossFit.  You will learn how to move correctly and efficiently all the while building strength, stamina and endurance getting you ready for the regular CrossFit classes

$100 for this block of classes.  Once this is paid, you can begin in the regular Crossfit classes.